Evidence - Outcome measures

You will need to make a case for your innovation. This includes showcasing the outcomes from a variety of perspectives, such as:

  • the patients or target population
  • the user of your innovation, for example a clinician
  • the healthcare system as a whole

For example, if you are developing an innovation for patients, it is worthwhile understanding what the current care pathway. This means mapping out the entire patient journey, and work done with a patient at different stages in the healthcare system.

It is also important to understand existing routines for clinical and care professionals, administrators, and anyone else who will be affected by your innovation.

By researching and mapping these perspectives, you will better understand whether your innovation fits into the wider healthcare system.

Questions to consider

  • Would the introduction of my innovation increase the likelihood of failure or big mistakes?
  • Would my innovation work with clinicians’ routines, and the legal responsibility they have for a patient’s safety?
  • How would my innovation fit in with existing governance?
  • Who is my audience? Who makes the decisions to use my innovation and who will use this?

Another consideration is to build in the involvement of patient groups, public and other stakeholders. This will ensure that you include the patient voice in your design and implementation work.