About the NHS Innovation Service

The NHS is a large and complex system, and introducing new products and technologies can be challenging. Innovators must demonstrate the value of their product and navigate complex regulatory and procurement processes. For the NHS, finding new innovations that meet its needs can be equally difficult.

The NHS Innovation Service is a free, online platform created to solve both problems. To help the NHS find the best new innovations and provide innovators with the resources, tools and support they need to increase the chances of getting their product or idea adopted by the NHS.

The NHS Innovation Service is made up of a collective of organisations.
They all play a part in supporting and assessing innovations from idea to implementation and scaling.

What we offer

Information and guidance

You can find out how others successfully introduced their innovation to the NHS in our case studies. Or read the latest news about the NHS Innovation Service and the Accelerated Access Collaborative. You’ll also find interviews, competitions, top tips, videos and podcasts designed to give you more information about getting your innovation into the NHS.

From having an idea to getting a product or a service adopted in the system. Our guides will help you get familiar with the key stages you’ll need to take to introduce your idea or product to the NHS.

Tailored support through the Innovation Service

Powered by the Accelerated Access Collaborative, this free service gives you access to tailored, end-to-end support from expert organisations through a single coordinated platform.

Create an account and update your innovation record with information about your product or idea. We'll connect you with the right organisations at each stage of your journey. From user testing to getting the right certifications, we'll provide the support you need to bring your innovation to the NHS.

Accelerated Access Collaborative

The Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) is a unique partnership aimed at streamlining and accelerating the adoption of innovative treatments and diagnostics in the NHS. This partnership involves collaboration between patient groups, government, industry and NHS bodies.

The AAC is designed to support a wide range of innovations, including medicines, diagnostics, medical devices, digital products, changes in treatment pathways and new workforce models. This collaborative approach helps the latest and most innovative products and technologies to become available to patients and healthcare professionals in the NHS.

The AAC is proud to support the NHS Innovation Service.