NHS Innovation Service helps knee pain company join MedTech Funding Mandate

An innovation supported by the NHS Innovation Service has joined the MedTech Funding Mandate (MTFM) for national adoption for 2024/25.

Getting the right support

Apos Health is a foot worn medical device that helps people with knee, hip and lower back pain relating to osteoarthritis.

The company registered the product with the NHS Innovation Service and received support from partners NICE, NHS Supply Chain and the Health Innovation Network.


“We’re delighted to have been part of Apos Health’s journey. We have worked closely with the team to help them articulate how their innovation fits into NHS systems and pathways, prepare them for their NICE submission and refine their models and value propositions.” Dr Charlotte Roberts, Associate Director: Innovation Adoption at Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex

Health Innovation Kent Surrey Sussex will continue their support as the innovation joins the MTFM programme, and will be the lead Health Innovation Network coordinating the spread of Apos Health across England through all local Networks.

NICE selected the innovation to be assessed under the NICE MedTech evaluation programme, which resulted in guidance recommending the device as a cost-saving solution for a particular cohort of people. NHS Supply Chain helped direct the company towards finding a distributor, which meant Apos Health could then get on the supply chain.


"The NHS Innovation Service is an essential component in getting new products and services to end users efficiently. It allows NHS Supply Chain to work collaboratively with the innovator in parallel to the other key supporting organisations, allowing innovation to reach the NHS, improving the outcomes for patients, or addressing the challenges faced in the NHS.” Fay Allen, Innovation Specialist at NHS Supply Chain

Recommended by NICE

The device is now recommended by NICE for knee osteoarthritis patients who meet the criteria for joint replacement surgery and who have not responded adequately to the recommended NICE therapies.

MedTech Funding Mandate

The MTFM policy was launched to support the commitments laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan to accelerate the uptake of selected innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and digital products. The MTFM aims to ensure patients and the NHS benefit from clinically effective and cost-saving medical technologies faster and more equitably.

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Published at January 29, 2024