Commissioning and adoption - Health technology evaluation

NICE Centre for Health Technology Evaluation (CHTE) undertakes health technology evaluations and produces guidance for NHS England on the use of new and existing treatments such as medicines, medical devices and surgical procedures. The process includes the evaluation of clinical, economic and other types of evidence about the use of the innovation or existing treatments.

There are different types of NICE guidance and advice, including:

  • MedTech innovation briefing supports NHS and social care commissioners and staff who are considering using innovative medical devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies. This is advice and not guidance, it does not include recommendations.
  • diagnostics guidance assesses innovative diagnostic technologies.
  • highly specialised technologies guidance assesses technologies that are intended for people with very-rare conditions that are likely to be very expensive.
  • interventional procedures guidance assesses whether new or significantly modified interventional procedures are effective and safe enough for use in the NHS.
  • medical technologies guidance assesses innovative medical devices that are likely to be cost saving or cost neutral to the NHS.
  • technology appraisal guidance assesses medicines and other innovations that cannot be assessed in the other types of NICE guidance.
  • NICE guidelines sets out care and services for people with a specific condition or need, or in particular circumstances or settings.