NHS Innovation Service can help ‘bake’ innovation into the NHS

The service has been included in a new NHS England blog about successfully embedding innovation into the NHS: The ingredients for success: how to bake innovation into the NHS by Verena Stocker, Director Of Innovation, Research, Life Sciences and Strategy at NHS England.

Verena leads a suite of programmes to improve patient outcomes and reduce health inequalities through research and innovation.

NHS England is committed to supporting the adoption of innovation, which can help transforms patients’ lives and bring significant benefits to the UK economy. The article references five key areas to ‘bake innovation into the NHS’, including

  1. clinical leadership
  2. pathway redesign and capacity
  3. funding and incentives
  4. national vs local approaches
  5. defining adoption stages.

Speaking about the service, Verena says


"Innovators, clinicians, industry and evaluators need clarity as to where innovations are in the process of taking a product from proof of concept to market and wider adoption in the NHS and care system. The NHS Innovation Service is a free, online platform supporting innovators to get the right support at the right time"

One of our support organisations, the Health Innovation Network have also been mentioned in the blog.

Read the full blog on the NHS England website.

Published at December 13, 2023