What we can offer you

The NHS Innovation Service has two key offers for healthcare innovators:

  • Information and guidance to help you understand and navigate the healthcare system as you develop your innovation
  • End-to-end support from different organisations, helping you to take your innovation from idea to adoption faster

Information and guidance

You can find information on regulations, funding, marketing and more in our guides and case studies.

The Starter Innovation Guide aims to help people who are new to healthcare and innovation to get an overview of the key considerations for successfully developing an innovation and getting it adopted in to the market.

The Advanced Innovation Guide provides more in-depth information and aims to serve as a guide to refer to when you would like more detail about specific areas of innovation.

End-to-end support

We match you with the organisations and innovation experts who can support you. Whether you want help with how to test out your idea with users or information on funding the next stage of your innovation’s development, support and advice is available.

Create an account and build your innovation record by answering questions about your innovation. We will work with you to find the right support from the right organisations at the right time.