How we work with you

When you create an account and register your innovation, you will go through a number of steps and processes so that we can find the right support for you:

  • Create an account and complete your innovation record
  • Go through our needs assessment process with the service team
  • Get the support you need from the organisations that can help you
  • Keep your innovation record up to date as you progress

Create an account

You will start by answering some questions about your innovation. This gives us an idea of where in the innovation journey you are, so that we can recommend the right level of information. If you then choose to create an account, you will be building your innovation record by answering more detailed questions about your innovation.

Go through our needs assessment process

When you have completed a first pass of all the questions, you can submit the record for needs assessment. The needs assessment team will then review your record and work with you to understand what type of support you currently need. We will then create a needs assessment entry and notify appropriate organisations to reach out to you.

Get the support you need

The notified organisations will look at the needs assessment entry along with your innovation record to understand how they can support you. When an organisation has an appropriate support offer for you, they will reach out to engage with you on the service. To make sure that they have all the information they need from you, they can post comments and request actions from you through the service.

Keep your innovation record up to date as you progress

As you develop your innovation with support from the NHS Innovation Service, you will continue to update your innovation record. This ensures that the organisations on the service always have the most up to date information, so that they are prepared to support you at the right time. By doing this, you will have faster access to the right support and can accelerate the development of your innovation.